Today, Friday 1st March 2024, we have a Gaol Building and Stocks for sale. The price is a steal. That is a deliberate irony when you think what these thing were used for. The arresting feature is the guide. Just £25,000. Twenty five grand as a guide to buy the proverbial PILE OF NEATLY ARRANGED BRICKS.

Location: Illingworth Gaol and Stocks, Keighley Road, Illingworth, Halifax HX2 9NJ.

But… you might consider taking the community interest into account. We detected this effort: and it augers problematically, as any planning permission you might apply for would likely meet with significant concern from the local community. Maybe even downright opposition. Perhaps get a set of stocks off of eBay and lock yourself away from bidding on this one. It is interesting, but has challenges. Mind you, if you can find a use that would preserve the main gaol and stocks and possibly for public posterity and have a modest flat out of a few cells might be a way to make everyone happy. Plus you get lots of old fruit and veg given to you.The method of delivery is more Amazon-throw, than Tesco-gentle. We can think of some M&S folk that would pay good money to get locked up and licked up here: ~ Good luck Bulletineers…

Auction Ends: 27/03/2024