Monday 29th January 2024 and we are super excited to bring you a Grand Designs property for sale. First off, given that there are TWO HOUSES ON A 3.7 ACRE PLOT, we would split the title and make one a relatively affordable £345,000 and the other £205,000.

That completely changes the affordability dynamic here. Most folk would have seen £750,000 when the Wheal Langford Engine Houses came up for sale last year. No sale back then. A lot of folk will have the £750,000 figure stuck in their head.

BUT, the price is now £550,000 for the WHOLE LOT and here at Unique Property Bulletin we do our best to think laterally so our readers stand a good chance of being able to afford their dream home:- (i). The £345,000 and £205,000 title-split is something we can help with, as our volunteers here at the Bulletin have day jobs where splitting titles is fairly routine. (ii). PLEASE can the internet TROLLS STAY AWAY from our Unique Property Bulletin pages. This is a free publication where a group of eccentric property friends share details of interesting property with other friends and readers (who also frequently become friends too). We are a not-for-profit organisation and thoroughly object to drive-by-trolls who leave rude and disparaging comments.

These pages are for genuine folk who understand we are NOT an estate agency, just a group of friends who like to help get derelict property brought back to life and also help our readers find their unique home at a price that is affordable. So for this Engine House at Fullaford Road, Callington, Cornwall PL17 8AN, below are the estate agency contact details (if you want to follow the title-split option, best get in touch directly with us at Unique Property Bulletin). Alternatively, for the current £550,000 deal, the estate agents is: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/143982485#/

^^ Ample 3.7 acres and TWO houses ^^

is entirely possible to TITLE-SOLIT this site from the current £550,000 guide price and draw a line (including road/private track access to BOTH houses and enable each house to be at a more affordable £345,000 for the Engine House Tower and £205,000) for the other house and a couple of acres. To do this, you may need some specialist TITLE-SPLITTING advice. Please feel free to contact Unique Property Bulletin and we shall do our best to help. Just Google 3 words… “Unique Property Bulletin” then find the “contact page”. That will help yoi]us to get in touch with us.

Please remember, we are NOT an estate agency and this publication is run by volunteers. We will always make best efforts to help you. But please cut the UPB Team some slack if we are overloaded and take several hours or even a day or two to reach. Many thanks nd good luck with your search for your unique home.



Wheal Langford Engine Houses, Fullaford Road, Callington, Cornwall PL17 8AN