Today, Monday 5th February 2024 we have an old closed pub for sale. There is 0.8 acres of land so plenty of room to build your own design of unique home. Plus if you title-split the land and sell off the chip-shop and main buildings you could help create new jobs + bring back a local amenity and all at an affordable level for everyone concerned as the banks generally take the financial hit on a closure. Thorn Tree Public House, 246 Nottingham Road, Langley Mill, Nottingham, Derbyshire, NG16 4HG was for sale at £445,000 via Savills. Then reduced to: £395,000. Given a tsunami of pubs coming up for sale after the pandemic decimated the industry, and an over-supply of this genre, we believe a pragmatic offer of £275,000 would leave enough to sell off and/or re-open the pub/restaurant, with a decent piece of land upon which to build your unique home.

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P.S. It is important to see how the (currently forlorn looking) buildings did look like in their heyday and CAN look like that again. The previous owners clearly fought valiantly to keep this local amenity open during the horrendous pandemic. Several of our Unique Property Bulletin volunteers have day-jobs where they renovated closed-down buildings and bring them back to life with new jobs and a revitalised life. The key is to get the numbers right. Hence our recommendation you go for a £275,000 offer and then title-split a modest parcel for your unique home. But what is also important is to SEE what these empty buildings looked like when they were alive with folk working here (click the PHOTO section on the Thorn Tree Facebook page)…

Jill Nelmes – Crikey Jill, you are going back a ways remembering Jacky. My first ever job was working alongside him at Curries in Brodick (now the Wee Co-Op). Jill you brought a wonderful, yet incredibly nostalgic moment there. Jacky was a genuinely decent and happy soul that always… always brought a smile to your face and lifted your spirits. He really left this Earth far too soon ❤️‍🩹.