Today 26th January 2024 we have a double-helper for buying. Firstly, “Rule 14” to reduce the price of this magnificently located Cornish Cove house from £2,500,000 to £1,800,000. Then “Rule 2” which has helped make many dreams become real over Unique Property Bulletin’s 37 year existence. ”Rule 2” is to extend and split into two houses. Ergo the once, unattainable dream home in today’s listing at £2,500,000 becomes affordable at £900,000. Before BTL internet trolls have a snipe, home ownership is subjective & objective. We have friends and readers who happily live in £20,000 houses and others in £2 million houses. Our job is to make whatever league of home purchase you are in, become more affordable. In objective terms, it is a fact that £900,000 is vastly more affordable than £2,500,000. Positive comments only please. Any trolls driving by this page, keep on jogging. We are NOT an estate agency. Just a group of volunteers and friends who share details of unusual property. Our readers, especially after those genuinely decent folk who cheered us up yesterday with their kind comments, also find ways to help each other realise their dream home. Kindest wishes, Russ McLean. P.S. Here is the estate agent‘s number for this Beach House, St. Catherines Cove, Fowey, Cornwall, PL23 1JH…‘

P.P.S, for some reason, Facebook are limiting the number of words in the orginal posts. It would be illogical to mention our “Rule 14” in the original posting without actually including it! So here is Unique Property Bulletin’s “Rule 14”. It is designed to give you an edge in spotting your best timing to have a proper haggle and save some of your 💵💴💷💶 cash. This will be needed for your renovation budget. The last Tony-dates like these that we spotted on Rightmove helped us save £100,000. Bonne chance mes amis. Russ 🏗🏚=>🏡❤️‍🩹 .

Ooops, forgot to add a floor-plan. This (especially the spare patio area), shows how our: “Rule 2” about extending can work… splitting a single building into two buildings (thereby halving the price). You will need to use your own lateral-thought skills in working out how to build an actual extension and then split the entire structure fairly into two homes. Thereby achieving your goal (if this is the price range you play at). But a lot of this is the fun part… making your unique home happen for you. Hopefully our encouragement helps. Please remember, the pirate’s cove in this listing might not be a perfect property for you. But the different techniques and nudges we can help our friends and readers with, can keep hope alive and eventually these techniques may well make it possible for you to find and fund that unique home you have been looking for. Best wishes, Russ.