Today, Wednesday 21st February 2024 ~ to balance the previous cop-shop police station for sale at £120,000 to £90,000 we have a fire station for sale. We REALLY DO NOT LIKE FEATURING FIRE STATIONS. One of the few unusual buildings that we believe should STAY OPEN AS A FIRE STATION are fire stations (when a new, bigger facility is being built, then that doesn’t hurt so much). Declaration of interest/bias disclosure: one of our directors served for 20 years as a firefighter. The only reason we feature these is that the one thing worse than a closed fire station is a DERELICT station building. Enough said. With significant sadness here is: Aintree Fire Station, 226 – 228 Longmoor Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside, L9 0EN. Here is a video of BETTER DAYS: Whilst we are in groan-mode, any vendor that allows “POA” on their details is a total Amadan. Why do people do this? Our own research (admittedly only 30 years of running Unique Property Bulletin) is that between 18% and 38% of buyers IGNORE sellers that FAIL to put a price on what they are selling. We reckon £350,000 to £850,000. Only time will tell. To contact the seller: