For today, Monday 11th March 2024 Unique Property Bulletin has a Boxing Ring Bargain for sale, at a thumping good guide price of £75,000. Unfortunately Russ is off for a few days. So you might see a slightly different flavour to what we feature this week. From experience the volunteers here are keen that we keep up the daily Bulletins. It gives all of us a major buzz every time this eccentric website helps one of our readers find and buy their preferred unique property>

For this curiosity invoking, upcycled building, we did try and also include a 77 year old boxing icon. But he is actually looking at another instalment in the hit series of Rocky movies.

Whatever else, this is a tasty priced property and looks interesting to us. For the 37 years that Unique Property Bulletin has been in the go, we have never had a boxing ring building to share with you guys. If the Old Fella was here just now, he has this thing about addresses, so: The Church Room, Hill Street, Porthmadog, LL49 9BD. would be on his bid list purely because of this nostalgia:

Anyways, if you fancy a light dust-up at a low-blow price, the estate agent can be contacted here: