Today, Wednesday 7th February 2024 and we are still trying to comprehend what happens when 9,700 + 3,600 Facebook folk see a post and a significant number take the time to respond. You guys have been awesome. Not just with the wee quiz from the £40,000 church location competition, but the texts and phone calls that came in to our main office yesterday. A heartfelt thank you. Today we post the location and full details of the £40,000 church. But as a proper “thank you” we are also uploading a smallish version of St Paul’s Cathedral for today’s Unique Property for sale. This is called St Mark’s Church. The price? A fairly modest £390,000. When you see the EXTRA parts included, and the fact you could install a proper cinema downstairs, a restaurant upstairs and still have enough room to install a dwelling within the structure, then you have a New Lifestyle for the New Year. One important point from a valued reader’s wise counsel yesterday… we are moving the narrative off of Facebook. These posts are not designed for fulsome reviews of buildings. We would rather fall on our face financially than watch any of our friends and readers learn lessons the expensive way. So here, free we will be uploading approximately 198 years of property experience. Starting with a small and a big church for sale:


Today, Wednesday 7th February 2024, we just have one main word for what our readers just did (yesterday): Wow!

24 hours ago we ran a small quiz. It was to find out how many of our Unique Property Bulletin readers were internet~savvy, and how many were dinosaur~paws like the writer of these words?

Mission accomplished and you did it with style. For anyone who answered “Yes” and know about “reverse image search”, top marks.

For our readers who answered “No”, welcome to my world. I can barely work an IPhone. That required grandson number one as tutor… guiding me in the operation of a complicated phone. Albeit an incredibly useful and sophisticated phon. The Wee Sprog gently took my IPhone at his Gran’s kitchen table and showed me how to “screenshot” a photo by holding two buttons down at the same time. That was a major achievement. When asked how he knew to do this, the polite reply was: “I go to school.”

Rusty cogs then turned in my head. Wonderment at how I had reached the age of 55 so very fast. Incredulity at being the pupil with a 9 year old grandson as the tutor. Bewilderment at feeling like the proverbial Betamax video recorder in a VHS age. Regret. Nah. Not so much. You guys are here, commenting + texting + phoning. How we got to 9,700 “followers” on our main page and 3,800 on our safety backup, totalling 13,500 folk is mind boggling. So a genuinely heartfelt thank-you for joining in with our property adventures. Hopefully we can help you as we promise in our strap line on the Unique Property Manual (not currently in print, so this ain’t a plug for sales).

With respect the grandkids teaching the auld yin’s… the lyrics of that Paul Simon’s song, “Kodachrome” come to mind: “When I think back at all the cr@p I learnt at High School, it’s a wonder I can think at all.”

Our hope is to rebuild this publication in a way that helps you find your unique home. A testament to the youngsters now, that it is, in part, due to a 9 year old at the breakfast table eating his Weetabix, we may all be helping each other find the homes we have been looking for.

The epilogue from that day at the kitchen table? We took Unique Property Bulletin online within 9 months.

Now, possibly at your breakfast table as you read these words and check out the daily unique property for sale, we may have come full circle? I will save the narration of how my 10 year old nephew accidentally put his Dad into a supertax problems because he knew three lines of Google Adsense HTML coding for another day. Enough of Wunderkind for today.

Yesterday was one of the “Good Grief” days. All because of you ladies and gentlemen. Plus some help from Alan Turing, But our comments section exploded with your interaction in a way we had not expected.


Also a major round or prediction for the various phone calls and texts yesterday. Especially the call from Kenny. The kind words help. A lot. The though that this eccentric thing actually might be useful to folk always gives us a boost of enthusiasm.

Grandson number two asks: “Why are Baba’s texts so long, like an old fashioned letter?” This means old keyboard~tapper here needs to become shorter, more concise, and sharper in how we write these Bulletins. So I am going to get right to the point now.

Yesterday’s £40,000 church is linked at the foot of this narrative. So too is a sister building. It is gorgeous. It reminds me of the awesome St Paul’s Cathedral in London. As school kids, we went around the Whispering Gallery at the inner~dome circle of St Paul’s Cathedral in London. If you get the chance, climb those 257 steps. Better still, if the very top of St Paul’s is still publicly accessible, make the effort to ascend as far as you can. That day will live with you forever. In a good way. It surely has for me.

Or for the price of that old, proverbial, often mentioned “semi-detached house in London”, you could buy your own version of St Paul’s Cathedral.

Heaven knows how you would convert: St Marks Church, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen, AB25 1JY, but without doubt in my old brain, the £390,000 guide has “property adventure” written all over St Marks Church.

Actually there is a way I saw to convert church buildings sensitively. It possibly flowed from German inspiration. Basically, build an exquisite quality set of stand-alone style of rooms inside the church that fulfil your needs in terms of a place to live. But do not destroy nor alter any of the existing building, lest the Listed Building Gods strike thunder down on you (and a custodial sentence as Grade A listed buildings are very carefully protected0. You may need to rummage around Google to find out more of stand-alone rooms-in-a-church style. But it should be worth the effort.

Rather than an oblique reference to a vague point on Google, my Missouri friends in the “Show Me” State, have is a better way than these overly long Facebook posts.

”Show Me”.

For example, the Facebook version of this daily post would struggle to have more than one YouTube Link. Whereas a separately hosted page would have as many embedded links as we and you would like. Literally we can “Show You” why we are spending a 1,000 words rambling towards like Dr Mallard from NCIS.

This means yesterday was a double-win. You guys have helped our re~write effort of Unique Property Manual and you are also improving our reboot of our main Unique Property Bulletin way of working. Thankyou.

Facebook are shutting down/limiting long posts such as ours. Quite rightly as Facebook is not designed for that.

So from this very point onwards, we will restructure the Unique Property Bulletin daily social media posts to show each building. Plus a link. That will be enough for the Facebook part.

We will then simply HTML-coding hypertext link to the more substantive article for those of our readers who enjoy more fulsome page. Ironically, it was one of the sprogs who showed me how to “embed” the YouTube video HTML coding onto our main pages in order to break up long screeds of text.

Finally, as promised and without further ado, here is the link for St Martin’s Church at £40,000…

Here is the link for St Mark’s Church at £390,000…

Here is a bit of nostalgia for all my team~mates who answered “No” yesterday…

For Whispering Gallery we present you with: /