Sunday 28th January 2024 and I wanted to upload a reasonably priced Unique Property for you, as we have had several texts + WhatsApp + FB messages looking for £25,000 to £99,000 buildings (many seek a sea view too). It may be the odd internet algorithms, but weirdly, this deconsecrated church appeared on my computer. The £50,000 is spot on for us to show this to you. But this very church is the closest I have come to meeting my maker. Churches can be a challenge for folk wishing to convert them into homes. Once a congregation reduces below a certain point, the very fabric of the structure may start to deteriorate. But as with this building: Ardchattan Church, Achnaba, North Connel, Argyll, PA37 1RF, the structure looks in very good condition. But you will be surrounded by many final resting places of those who have passed away. That may be a strange thing to get your head around, depending on your belief principles. What knocked me is that I nearly ended up a permanent resident in what will become your neighbours garden. In a former career, I was being trained to drive a police car at the maximum safe speed. Three cops are taught by a traffic sergeant instructor, how to drive. Safely. Fast. Each cop has a 20 to 40 minute session at the wheel. Then the police car is stopped and one of the other three start their lesson at driving (all cops had their standard DVLA licences – this was for driving at blue light speeds). I recall being in the back seat watching my colleague in front driving, or rather hurtling us along at over 120 miles per hour. Discretion prevents going further on what happened next. But we all ended up sitting outside for a breather on the steps of this church. The thoughtful reflection was profound as it was a case of us all having nearly met our maker that day. Now, some 40 years later, what are the odds? The exact church appears on our radar. A cold shiver went up and down my spine at seeing this building. It is “just” a church. But in some ways for your volunteer here at Unique Property Bulletin HQ that building is so much more. Anyways, I am off for a nap and nightmare🙈🚓❤️‍🩹🚑👮🏻‍♂️👮🏼‍♂️👮🏽‍♂️😱. Hopefully, this £50,000 building will find a safe and good future in your hands. Best wishes (and please drive safely). Cheers, Russ.