Today, Tuesday 6th February 2024, and in answer to many of our readers, we have a relatively affordable sanctuary for you to consider at just £40,000. New readers, please note, Unique Property Bulletin is NOT an estate agency. Just some eccentric friends who share details of unusual property for sale. No charges, we are all volunteers here.

This former church is one of thousands of unusual buildings featured since we started in 1987. We will upload the address and seller’s contact details for this £40,00o building in a few days time.

But first we need to ask you for some help please? This is to make sure our new, social~media orientated and rebooted Unique Property Bulletin features property that you want. Way back in 1999 we were asked for an instruction manual to help our readers find their ideal home as an addition to what we present you with on this daily Bulletin. It only took until 2012, but we produced the UNIQUE PROPERTY MANUAL. We are now updating and rewriting the Manual and need your help.

Please can you give a simple one-word reply in the comment section below? Either a “Yes” or “No” will help us a lot. It is in response to the following…

QUESTION: Using your own knowledge of how the internet works, and your intuitive property sleuthing skills, please can you find out the name of the building in the attached photos and where it is located?

A “Yes” or a “No” on whether your internet savvy ness is able to solve the riddle… will be perfect thanks.

Please do NOT reveal the name/location in our comments section. We are NOT wanting to spoil the element of puzzle-solving for our other readers. Rest assured, we WILL upload the contact details of the attached £40,000 building in a few days time.

The Unique Property Manual is being updated by Russ McLean. He needs to know an approximate percentage of how many Unique Property Bulletin readers are internet-savvy?

This will help us to help you by making sure the strap-line of the front cover still holds true…

To help you find, fund and have fun with unique property.

The author was 26 years old when he started Unique Property Bulletin. He is now 64. During that time, the world has changed in profound ways. From 1987 to 2012, Unique Property Bulletin was a paper format newsletter printed on a high-volume duplicator called a Risograph. The circulation of 3,600 was regarded as respectable for an obscure publication. Then in 2012 we went online and the numbers of our site visitors fluctuate from 20,000 to 200,00o each month: depending if we have a viral unique property being featured. By that we mean IF our readers like the building we feature sufficiently that they SHARE it and that causes the VIRAL increase in readers by SHARING a lot (in a good way, not a Covid crappyvirus way).

Russ is one of the dinosaur generation. You are only reading this because his middle grandson plus his nephew helped the old fella to learn the new language of the internet HYML coding etc.

Hence asking what seems like a simple question. It is in the DNA of Russ McLean to ask elementary Sherlock Holmes questions Dr Watson, rather than just “assume” something is correct. But this sleuthing OCD is likely to help us to help you in much better ways. Thankyou. From Team-UPB.