This weekend, 9th and 10th March 2024, we have a special feature article. It follows on from the article we wrote in 2016 about the deteriorating Noss Head Lighthouse Station. A group of 24 Unique Property Bulletin readers ended up buying Noss Head Lighthouse Station and renovating the buildings. That was an example of successful Unique Property mischief and adventures made real. Now we spotted a derelict village by the sea. There are 34 dwellings. Each works out at £8,500 after legal conveyancing and title registration fees. 34 people/couples would have their own house in a magnificent location for less than the price of a second hand car. Of course there is a lot more to this. Attached are photos and the initial feature article. These are the first steps, especially the Planning Permission files and drawings for you to enjoy: – Then the old details on Rightmove: – Also our contact details and credentials if your interest is piqued:

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A Freehold Home By The Sea For Just £8,000.

This weekend, 9th and 10th of March 2024 we go: Back To The Future. This article is about a dream a decent number of our readers have: to build and own their own home (sometimes helping the finances with sweat-equity) and at an affordable cost. How about £8,000 for a derelict house by the sea in the U.K? Too good to be true? Our credentials: On 23rd May 2017 our publication, Unique Property Bulletin Ltd (formerly Unique Property plc) got into very enjoyable mischief by buying the Noss Head Lighthouse Station (our 24th project in a 37 year lifespan of this publication). Newspapers/magazines are not traditionally supposed to do this. But have you ever worked in a sweetie shop, or been at a “pick-your-own” strawberry farm? Seriously? It takes a lot of will~power not to get into mischief.

Our view is that if it helps prevent buildings becoming derelict (again) + provides local jobs + receives positive suggestions and support from the local community, then why not have a little mischief? Our very enjoyable 2017 Noss Head Lighthouse Station adventure was a success. All of the buildings were brought back from becoming derelict again. One of the buildings can now be rented from the new owner for holidays as they share the iconic site with visitors to the lighthouse station. In one of the other renovated buildings now lives a brilliant doctor. He impressed us as he wasn’t for moving to Wick and Thurso from Edinburgh unless the high turnover of clinicians at the local hospital in Wick was remedied. It was. That helped the community get through the pandemic. We know, because one of the last buildings we own on-site at Noss Head Lighthouse Station was utilised by a local GP who needed to move out of the family home during the pandemic when a family member started coughing. Having doctors go off during Covid was bad. So the renovated Keeper’s Cabin at Noss Head was made available to ensure the GP could remain free of the infection and carry on their job looking after 5,000 patients.

We digress. Yesterday, Facebook do that “nostalgia” thing. For us the 2-year anniversary of our featuring a small derelict village for sale at £300,o00 by Castletown. It is still for sale 2 years later. We are game-on to turbo-charge this new adventure of renovating that village and helping bring it back to life with £150,000 of our cash. The houses are NOT CURRENTLY for SALE INDIVIDUALLY. But we can buy the entire site and title-split the buildings. So if any of our Unique Property Bulletin readers fancy a mischievous adventure and would like to own their own (derelict) home with (lapsed planning) for JUST £8,000 (plus a lot of hard work), then here is that opportunity for you to study.The end result? We want you, like many of us here at UPB-HQ to own your own home. Outright and free of any mortgage.

What next? Four things:(i). Look at the main details (remember it is Unique Property Bulletin Ltd., that will be arranging and paying for the crucial TITLE-SPLIT work to be commissioned, not the current estate agent); (ii) Study the Planning Permission. It may be lapsed, but from experience it is likely to be renewed; (iii) Listen to the local folk. There are concerns. Road access quality and quantity is just one VIP matter. It may be necessary to seek, for example a road upgrade. If 34 owners each put in £2,000, then that £68,000 would help the local council transport dept., be able to afford to improve the (already adopted) public access road; (iv). Do your due diligence. Also enjoy this process. Someone has put a lot of work into this already. Make yourself a cup of tea and study each page of work:

The standard estate agents page has remained unchanged for years. It still shines and is redolent with mischief + adventure and some beautiful location photos:

To register a (no obligation) interest with Unique Property bulletin Ltd (as project managers with a combined 89 years day-job work at this), please text your name and the words “Castletown Village Project” to us: ~ please note, we promise NOT to bother you with multiple reply emails/texts, or the annoying phone calls asking to sell you double-glazing or cheap mobile phone contract boiler-plate guff you and so many of us get just we are sitting down to eat our dinner!

For many/most updates about this derelict village project, YOU will need to take the time to check out the updates such as this one. We prefer if YOU decide what you are interested in. We do not like being stalked on the phone by cold-callers and it would be hypocritical of us to do that to you. The only contact we are likely to make is ONE. That will be to advise those of our readers who have an interest in this Castletown Village Project, whether or not it is definitely going ahead.