Ardnamurchan Visitor Centre

House + Cinema + Shop + Cafe

Saturday 27th January 2024 and we were going to feature a home and business for sale in Cornwall. For £765,000 you get a job, or if you are a couple, then two jobs + a passive income (rental flats) plus pub (detail link added below).

But your article~writer of this page, here at Unique Property Bulletin has run a pub and has also been a plod. Life experience includes having to deal with drunken folk as a publican (aged 19 to 22 ~ a young age as the first pub was a Student Union licensed premises at Hamilton College and it was me keeping a student council election promise to open a bar on campus). Drunk people are horrendous when you have to stay sober!

Then attending pubs in a new job as a cop just put me off recommending a pub building to you because of all the drunk people to deal with.

Also, I know where you can get twice as much in buildings and land as the Cornish pub… for just half the price!

What does “twice as much for half the price’ mean?

A House + Shop + Cafe + Cinema + Visitor Centre + Large Lot of Land: £495,000 or if you read this article, for sure at: £371,250.

So this morning, my radar went north to a place I would have bought and run myself, were the years on my mileage-clock not now at 64! Then I see the presidential candidates in America at 77 and 81 and think 64 years old ain’t that ancient. At least not if I were a silent partner that can lighten a lot of financial pain off of your shoulders. Here is a thought (a genuine and serious one): I would be happy to put in, for example: 25% cash to help buy the set of Ardnamurchan buildings and if you manage 75% = £371,250 ~ then there may be a deal for us to own a beautiful place in Argyll. All I need is the existing caravan space (to build a log cabin) and a quiet corner to operate websites plus our private equity/plc companies in the summer.

You would have the exclusive use of the handsome detached house and an established business premises… that large commercial building and substantial area of land. Plus the exquisite views over the sea.

On 7-8-2021, Ardnamurchan Natural History Visitor Centre + Shop + Cinema + Cafe + House + 2 Outbuildings were put up for sale at: “Offers over: £575,000.“ A little due diligence next: the last sale/purchase was 16-11-2015 at £385,000. Since 2021 the current owners have reduced the price from £575,000 to £495,000. We understand that is very close to the bone with little room for further reduction. But with an occasional internet-nomad (the writer of this piece) at a quiet corner during summers, putting in 25% cash towards the purchase price: £123,750 (securing a small garden/office/cabin at the side of the site), YOU are looking at a 2 bed detached house plus a visitor centre and a business for you to run and enjoy the income from at a bargain amount of just: £371,250. That secures you a home + a job + a unique lifestyle.

At £371,250, this is surely a lot more affordable than the original £575,000. PLEASE NOTE: The £371,250 + £123,750 suggestion is from the owner of this Unique Property Bulletin. For folk who do have the £495,000 then we recommend you contact the estate agent directly. Best wishes, Russ McLean.

A]. Argyll; House + Shop + Cafe + Cinema + Visitor Centre + Large Lot of Land: £495,000 or £371,250.


B]. Cornish Pub + Apartment + Flat: £765,000.