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Can A Khazi Become A Star? Si.

Today, Friday 15th March 2024 we bring you a stinky stonker. Be thankful you do not have smellyvision. This place really honks. Over 85% of folk would simply walk the other way. Fast. No bids for this. But look the sea views? They are genuinely awesome. First study the auction/estate-agency legal-pack and make sure there are no nasties lurking. Then seek “pre-application” advice from the local council planning department. Also check out the Local Plan and precedent constructions where old sea-front bogs get TOTALLY DEMOLISHED and something much more useful than a derelict, closed-down affront to the nostrils and eyes is constructed in its stead.

It is worth mentioning that if you do spend around £20,000 buying this abode de merde, and fair slice of seafront land, you will have a view of the iconic St Michael Mount. Plus you are just a short distance from visiting both the famed Towan Beach with it’s house in the clouds and also the inspiring St. Michael Mount (photos attached). This bog site has location, location, location.

Here at Unique Property Bulletin, the volunteers that run this publication have all got scars on their backs from fighting tooth and nail with recalcitrant planning officials. That is why our crew tend to apply for planning on far northern properties. Depopulation in the Highland Council area means you generally have a far more helpful and positive reply when trying to turn a stinking, derelict eyesore into a decent house, or shop or amenity property. Let us not forget that whatever you might do to improve this toilet site (after demolishing the pong palace), basically anything you build will cause funds for the council, from paying local council tax, or business rates. Plus you will be building a home or business, both of which create jobs.

Former Public Conveniences & Adjoining Land, Long Rock, Penzance, Cornwall, TR20 8JJ.

Auctioneer contact details: https://www.cliveemson.co.uk/properties/248/76/

P.S. We have added some example photos of modest sized dwellings that might be reasonable candidates to fit on top of this site after the old bog is razed to the ground.

Here is a video of the public convenience: http://.youtube.com/watch?v=9a5KpY1-Va4

Former public convenience for auction. Unique Property Bulletin ~ Feature Article as attached with the photos of what is for sale + location, location, location… awesome places nearby. Plus the auctioneer contact internet LINK is added to internet comments section of the Feature Article in the following photographs…