Today, Monday 19th February 2024 and we are changing the way we present Unique Property Bulletin on Facebook as FB are limiting the number of words. Fair play to them. The FB social media is for short messages, not medium-length articles. So without further ado here is a former police station. Guided at £120,000. The article (now within the mix of photos) narrates how we believe this old cop shop may well sell for £90,000 instead of £120,000. The article also explains why we have Dr Who and an Old Plod in with the neatly arranged pile of bricks that is: The Former Police Station at 9 Moss Road, Tillicoultry, FK13 6NS. For your ease, we add the links separately so you can click them more easily… (i) and (ii) and (iii) Best wishes from, Unique Property Bulletin.

Unique Property Bulletin: Scammer Payback Good Cop, Bad Cop Style

Today, Monday 19th February 2024, after spending 4 hours yesterday in the ghost of a job at which your Unique Property Bulletin editor used to serve, we found solace. Tillicoultry Cop Shop For Sale. Bargain Old Bill Price.

A new breed of scammer and internet-thief chaser exists. They bring justice to despicable scammers such as those who attacked our Unique Property Bulletin readers (yesterday). A touch of nostalgia for catching and jailing these creepy cyber-thieving villains arose. A donation was made to the excellent works by modern day private cyber~detectives who track down + find + CLOSE DOWN + deliver to JAILERS many of these scammers. YouTube links are attached to this narrative. 13 million views per YouTube video of internet cyber~scammers being exposed and justice being delivered can be addictive to watch.

Back in the real world of bricks and mortar, we plodded into the unusual genre of home ownership that has a police twist. Today’s building for sale is bland and in a very “back-to-bricks.” condition. So we suggest a modest homage to its former Old Bill life during renovation. If you are to convert this police station into a home-office, surely it would be interesting to feature a Tardis at the front garden? We thought about a couple of Daleks. That really brought back nostalgia as a kid of the 1960s.

But perhaps a bit tacky and could alarm the neighbours. Introducing yourself by asking to borrow a bowl of sugar is much more traditional than taking round your pet Dalek to exterminate their pet hamster.

A quick check to see if any unique former police stations are up for sale provided evidence that dozens of these former cop-shops are being flogged off all over the U.K. Mixed feelings seeing former work places shut shop.

Worse because of the loss of jobs and local security. The best we can do is make sure these empty buildings find a new and useful life. After the pandemic, many readers asked for unique homes from where they could work remotely. Many folk requested a trade-off: larger house for less cash. Or even the same price but with extra acres and space to breathe and be free. The majority of requests were to find a home that is priced so low that it may be possible to have a house and home-office that are free of mortgage. The first example we found was so close to our UPB-HQ that we are sorely tempted to put in an offer. The guide is £120,000. But that was before all the innards were ripped out (actually a good things as it saves you from that hassle). Whilst in sleuthing mode, it ALWAYS pays to detect previous prices. You may be shocked to find this HM Land Registry evidence (linked below) . This evidence gathering means an offer of £80,000 to £99,000 may be something the seller would consider to plea-bargain over. Especially as the state of the place might make a buyer-mortgage difficult to find.

From the details and sleuthing we shared, you can see this is a very big plot (compared to the neighbours) it has two entrances and a lot of off-street-parking. Perhaps enough spare land to newbuild an annexe or passive-income providing second property. The area is a very pleasant and popular town. The address is: The Former Police Station at 9 Moss Road, Tillicoultry, FK13 6NS. Guided at £120,000, we would be offering at the £90,000 to see what happens. Estate agent contact telephone linked below.