Tuesday 27th February 2024 and we have a piece of land next to some water. Annoyingly it has the bain of our lives where the guide price is missed off. Instead the seller/agent puts the feckless “POA.” Please can estate agents and sellers stop doing this? We have studied POA and a significant number of people just scroll on by (many in disgust). The owners/agents may THINK that “POA“ will secure the best price. But the logic is simple. If 30% of buyers just scroll on by and ignore POA, then the price cannot objectively be the “best.” By virtue of killing off such a large number of buyers, the price marked at: “POA” cannot be the best. Rant over, feel better. Actually “POA” may be GOOD news for buyers as the seller has put so many other buyers off of their property, the price is likely to be lower than expected. Turns out this piece of bulldozed land used to be: The Former Tower Ballroom Site, Edgbaston Reservoir, Birmingham, West Midlands, B16 9EE. When faced with a plot, first stop is the Council Local Plan. Then you might like to look at neighbouring vernacular. The Council will hint at what they favour. The vernacular will give you an idea of what you favour… and from that pool of preferences, what precedents have been set. For edification, we attach photos of Council ideas, plus some Unique Property style precedents/vernaculars. If you are curious, the contact number is: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/86747580#/