Today, Thursday 29th February 2024, we spotted a very Unique Property by anyone’s standards. It is “under offer” seemingly at £900,000. But actually SOLD TEN YEARS AGO on 24th January 2014 for £1,225,000. That is what looks to be a ballpark £325,000 LOSS over the decade. Or a £32,500 loss every year for 10 years🙈. Also curious is this Tower has been for sale since 10th August 2023. 6 months of NO sales. Our property-sleuthing radar has been triggered! This interesting home is called: Abbots Lodge, Goring Heath, Reading, RG8 7RZ. If it is in your price range and you fancy it (and in fairness to the seller and buyer providing you can afford this tower home), then we would recommend you phone the estate agent to let them know that IF this sale hits the rocks, you are a willing and capable buyer. Here at Unique Property Bulletin, we do NOT encourage gazumping. It is despicable conduct. But we do recognise when there appears to be a problem. So by putting down your marker and letting the agent and buyerseller know they have backup options, you may well secure a very impressive house. We would end this Bulletin by stating our volunteers (in their day~jobs) walk away from sales that have a seller + buyer already matched up. There are plenty of other unusual buildings around. But conversely, at least 15% of the buyers out in the wilderness have INSUFFICIENT funds or LACK the credentials to raise funds; or where a buyer does not have the ‘retention fund excess“ if there is a problem with title-deeds and/or structure. There are valid instances where it is FAIR and PROPER that a seller (and a building that may be deteriorating between old and new owner), should have an option to change to a buyer that is able to overcome hurdles and complete. It is important that you at least leave the seller and their agent your details. Estate Agency Contact Number: