Unique Property Bulletin (24 + 25 Feb 2024) Police Twofer Building For Sale

This weekend, Saturday & Sunday 24th & 25th February 2024 we have a copper-bottomed candidate property in answer to several enquiries from you guys seeking former police stations in the Midlands and in London for sale. London Old Bill sells fast and all we found was a swag-bag full of SOLD boards for the Capital. But in the Midlands we found a handsome fully converted police station PLUS second dwelling included (known as a “twofer”).
Located at: Old Police Station, 60 Sheinton Street, Much Wenlock, TF13 6HU. Well worth investigating. For example, its last sale price was £500,000. So the current £850,000 seems quite a jump. Going door to door is fascinating. Number 57 is called “Ba57ard Hall” It chalked up £640,000 in 2018. Researching what the surveyors call “comparables” gives you an idea of the value of your target property. Crucially, if you need a mortgage, then an RICS surveyor will study “comparables” to get the valuation figure they give to your bank. That affect the size of your mortgage offer. Often in a good way, with a winning mortgage. Sometimes sadly with a fatal blow to a buyer’s hopes with too little a mortgage offer. All of this is a good reason to get yourself to a position where NO mortgage is required.

Two things flow from the “Ba57ard Hall” of £640,000 value nearby: (i). You could haggle down. Maybe try £795,000. Or: (ii). You could try our old friend the “title-split.” There is an old outbuilding that has been exquisitely renovated. It is additional to the main building. May be worth studying whether mini-plod-hoose would plea out at: £250,000 to £300,000. Selling off a spare building obviously brings the price of the main cop-shop-conversion down from £850,000 to £550,000. With some haggling, the current owner might slice a bit more off (financially) and you may be buying this handsomely renovated Police Station for a steal at: £495,000. Our one disappointment at Much Wenlock is the lack of original features. Here is an alternate police station conversion where you can see how well the person who converted that alternate has managed to keep its previous function alive: https://archive.is/TtCuY . With respect to the Much Wenlock Old Nick building, full contact details and some more pictures here: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/142722437#/