Today, Saturday 3rd February 2024 and we found this huge chapel for sale. Former Delph Chapel, Hill End Road And Delph Lane, Delph, Oldham, Lancashire OL3 5HW. But the price of £425,000 seems “off”. As in “very high“ for a ruinous building. Rarely have we done this, but from the comments section since we rebooted Unique Property Bulletin on 1-1-2024, we have seen a lot of good people who read this Blog, post very helpful comments (thank you). What flows from that is a depth of local knowledge that can help others who are looking for interesting tired and/or dilapidated buildings to restore. Here at the Bulletin, we can happily marry up buyers and sellers. But often it takes some wise-counsel from local folk who actually know of these buildings to help others (especially buyers) to understand local feelings and also to appreciate the actual building, the structure and how it came to fall into disrepair?

So with respect to this former Delph Chapel, if any of our readers can help with information about the building, please feel free to comment below (constructively please ~ no trolls or dodgy blue pill sales or knock off handbags for sale thanks). Our job has always been to find unique property for our readers.

Often we have seen folk that like the look of a place and would buy, but then have been put off of restoring a ruin due to lack of local knowledge and too little due diligence material being available. So we would invite our readers who know about the unique buildings we feature, to share background information please? That way, we may be able to help rescue more ruins. Yes, in the instance of Delph Chapel, there is Planning Permission to convert the chapel into a seemingly lucrative 9 (small) apartment block. But that was in 2009. Several different applications regarding Delph Chapel have been submitted since 2009. But all that happens is the building shell deteriorates further. Are any of our readers local to this place?