Tuesday 23rd January 2024 and you can Bog Off… Sorry, could not resist that. You can look at a Bog Offer… a building guided at just £20,000. It has a sea view too.

Now before you dismiss this diminutive property as a load of carp, maybe Google the “Tiny Homes“ movement. A ton of inspiration there for something brilliant to build. We would be inclined to apply for planning permission to demolish this building due to the aromatic nature of the previous use. A few years ago, George Clarke’s researchers were on the blower to us looking for candidate properties, and we had seen an underground loo that an architect had turned into a remarkable subterranean home. George is a really good guy. He actually employs about 20 folk to run the his various property programmes SND he employs another 20 people at his architectural company. A genuinely decent guy. Anyways about a year later when the production process had completed to broadcast schedule, we had to smile as George was on his tv programme SNIFFING the walls of Laura’s loo house 🙈💩👃🏻🙀. It is actually understandable as in London where property prices defy gravity, some toilet-building conversions incredulously have seats AT the men’s urinals. There is an elegance about Victorian porcelain. But no matter how good a makeover, we just cannot visualise turning one of these Jobby Palaces into a home or a coffee shop.

For us it would be a definite DEMOLITION and fresh rebuild of a pongerous property. To give our Unique Property Bulletin readers a few ideas, here is the awesome Laura’s Loo article about making a brilliant home in London at very affordable prices.

Just spend a penny and you could own a half million pound pad, and we do not mean a Tena pad.

To view a good set of “before” and “after“ photos, just click this link… http://tinyurl.com/Lauras-Loo-London ~ Another use for these bargain buildings is as a coffee shop where the actual porcelains urinals are where you sit: http://tinyurl.com/A-Pee-And-A-Tea . If you fancy seeing what 20 thousand pounds might get you. The auction details are here: https://www.cliveemson.co.uk/properties/247/131/