Today, Friday 8th March 2024 we have an FTSAA. That stands for: “Failed To Sell At Auction.” Over the decades we have saved hundreds of thousands of pounds by keeping an eye on FTSAA type of property. Why? Would you not prefer to save large bundles of £20 notes? 😁👍🏻. Better still is the fact that a unique building you might want to have bought but was a wee bit on the high side, may now be well with within your financial reach? On 31st January 2024 we featured an undergund bunker that was a bit unusual. It was both a bunker and a safety exit corridor. Treat yourself to a DVD called “Dambusters.” It will show you a movie of a real World War 2 mission. One that captured the imagination and boosted the morale of the Nation. But at a terrible cost. The inventor never got over the deaths. This underground bunker/tunnel is a small part of that actual history. Apart from being a Unique Property, the guide price has reduced from £300,000 to £175,000. To find out more about this FTSAA, have a look at the original listing dated 31/1/2024: ~ then have a look at the updated FTSAA entry at just £175,000: