Today, Monday 18th March 2024 and Unique Property Bulletin can answer a reader’s enquiry from many months ago, way back in the middle of 2023. Today we feature a house and an Aerodrome storage/repair facility that are still for sale. We hope the couple with the glider training school are still looking, This is a genuinely rare item. Please note the adjacent runway is NOT included, but readily accessible. Please read the restrictions on flight timing, landing fees etc.

Far away from this York Aerodrome and house, one of our main wishes just now, is that the busiest island on the west coast has NO airport (the Island of Arran). As a side note, if anyone does come up with a suitable site on Arran to install a small airport facility that could take a HIAL flight twice per day, please let us know as we have many other parts of that jigsaw sorted out. Plus there is a “finders fee” and cash waiting to buy suitable Aerodrome land on Arran. The reason is that there are a LOT of new jobs available for Arran if the island did have a working airport with a couple of scheduled flights per day.

Anyways, back to the offering at York that we have for our readers today: McLean Aviation, The Aerodrome, Rufforth, York, YO23 3NA.

Guide: WAS £900,000. But as this was first put up for sale on the 11th August 2023… 7 months ago. So the owner may be willing to haggle a bit now.

Also, please remember, there is sufficient land (for a newbuild) and TWO distinct, existing buildings here: (1) The House, and: (2) The Aerodrome Building.

So it may well be possible to title-split this into two much more affordable lots. For example, we would offer at £395,00o each?

Last but not least, a curious bit of history: this used to be the former RAF Rufforth Air Base and latterly used as the filming location for the short-lived post-war television series featuring Roy Marsden called “Airline.”

Details of the RAF Airbase:

Details of the television series:

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