Wednesday 31st January 2024 and we have found you what is termed as a bunker. But our files have it as an emergency underground exit for Sir Neville Barnes Wallis, inventors of the World War 2 “Bouncing Bomb”… . There used to be a workshop with an underground exit corridor that also doubled as a safety tunnel exit. At £300,000, the price is handsome, but we have known Barnard Marcus Auctioneer Chris Glenn for 25 years and he is usually spot-on regarding valuations. The £300k is likely more to do with 2 acres of prime building land than the peaceful bluebell wooded area of: Foxwarren Bunker, Redhill Road, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 1EF part. Indeed, we would be grateful if our readers and friends… YOU could comment below if you have any interesting knowledge of this Foxwarren WW2 site (also known as Silvermere site). More formally within the aegis of the Vickers (Brooklands) dispersal depots. We find these sites either sell well at auction, or bomb. Sorry but when the “Bouncing Bomb” legend’s site comes up for auction, we couldn’t resist the play on words. Our point? This Surrey site will either go for daft money, or come back around at £100,000. In that case, we would be interested in putting £25,000 into this with three other of our readers of similar mindsets/property adventure eccentrics to stabilise the site and perhaps carry forward some Kelvedon Hatch style project. Money would not be the problem. Local knowledge and people with the skill-set can do right by these sites. We proved that decent, enthusiastic people can make interesting things happen when we registered the TS Queen Mary charity. That has come right in ways we could never have hoped possible (we will cover the iconic ship another day). Suffice to say that good folk can make amazing projects succeed. So here at Unique Property Bulletin, we are keen to hear from underground explorers and bunker experts please? Plus anyone from the Barnes Wallis family making contact with the crew here at Unique Property Bulletin would really help save this very unusual but likely an important piece of land from just dying off. A head start is given by these intrepid 2-legged moles with Go-Pro kit, sharing their adventures with all of us. They are from “Exploring History” and “Hidden Within” (thanks guys)… . With respect to sale/purchase… Barnard Marcus is the auctioneer: (site is loading slowly). Rightmove may be quicker: ~ but PLEASE bid via Chris or Calum Glenn and Barnard Marcus as it is via our friends and Barnard Marcus that gave us the heads-up.


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