Today, Thursday 15th February 2024 and we have found you a former chapel to consider buying. It has planning permission to turn into 7 apartments. Auction guide: £125,000. Located within the Snowdonia National Park. The name and address? Capel Ebeneser Stryd Fawr, Edge of Eryri (Snowdonia), Gwynedd, LL55 3HU. A utilitarian structure. For those within our readership that are experienced with this genre of conversion/renovation, this is an enigmatic project. A relatively plain looking chapel with a unique interior. But surrounded by God’s own country and Wales is a beautiful one at that. For our Unique Property Bulletin crew who enjoy these types of project, the big draw is that all of us adore the location. The property for sale is close to the Snowdonia Mountain Railway. One of the finest railway journey’s in the world. Right to the top: ~ Then there is the island of Anglesey nearby. The writer used to go on holiday with his brothers to Anglesey island and the castles when they were kids. All memorable and very exciting times: ~ If you have a wander around Snowdonia and Anglesey via Google and then visit in real life, you may see how easy it is to fall in love with the place: From Snowdonia and the beguiling, loveable railway, to the castles Beaumaris and Conwy and of course the Menai Straights and the bridges. Plan drawings of the chapel here: // Auction details: