Noss Head Lighthouse Station Ltd

This Company is Registered Number:SC542509.
Registered Office: Endeavour House, 1 James Street, Arbroath, DD11 1JP..

Financial Instrument

Repayment of Loan Made To The Company Back To The Lender

A copy of this document must be retained by the company in (i). The Minute Book and an identical copy in (ii). The Books of Account relating to the appropriate year-end for this company.

This document must be retained to provide the appropriate audit-trail of repayments made by this company: Noss Head Lighthouse Station Ltd., to the creditors, all of whom appear at the budget head of: “Amounts Falling Due After More Than One Year.” Care must be taken in reducing the indebtedness to the specific creditor from whom the funds were received. This care must also extent to the credit amount being repaid by this company to be allocated in the correct year-end for the funds being transferred by this company in extinguishing this company’s debt (or part debt thereof).

Most recent balance (this company owes directors): £179,253 as at year-end: 31st December 2022.

Interest rate charged by the director for lending these funds to this company: Zero Percent. (0%). This company has been created as a not-for-profit entity as its aims are philanthropic. Though to register this company as a charitable entity is not appropriate given the guidance from OSCR (that acronym standing for the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator in Dundee). For the avoidance of doubt, Noss Head Lighthouse Station Ltd., is a not-for-profit company (as in “break-even”, but NOT a registered charity). The funds lent to the company now being repaid to the relevant director equate to…

Amount being repaid (this year-ending): 31/12/2024: £_____________________ Date Paid: _______________

Special instructions: Payment to be made from this company bank account direct to Hay Cassels Solicitors Client Account with the reference “THLP-RM”. This stands for the acronym: “Tod Head Lighthouse Purchase – Russ McLean.”

To ensure the veracity of this document, please can at least TWO of the company directors’ sign to confirm the repayment of company indebtedness has been authorised? A copy of the related bank statement should also be signed and affixed to this document as chain of evidence and bona fides.

Director 1: ____________________ Dated: __________ Director 2: ____________________ Dated: __________

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