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Lighthouse Tower For Sale

Today Thursday 14th March 2024 we have a lighthouse TOWER for sale.

Our editor’s main job 24 years ago was working in the harbour offices at various ports around Argyll.

During that time, it became apparent that 30% of the High Street shops were laying empty and the local economy was in a bad way. We decided to start re-opening these shops. Purchase + Renovation + Dragons’ Den/Tenant stuff was easy. But we needed structural change, such as putting a new ferry service back on to boost local footfall. A family friend, John Rose, had coincidentally started a company called Western Ferries in the 1960s. That company grew fast and had to build a bigger ferry for its Island of Islay service. The smaller, MV Sound of Islay ferry was then spare. So in 1970 the spare ferry was trialled on a new route between Scotland and Northern Ireland. That service ran until 1973. Sadly the U.K. economy went into recession and the infamous 3-day week put paid to that service. Fast forward to 1997 and the MV Claymore restarted the Argyll-Antrim service for 3 years. That failed too. In an effort to bring the route back to life we bought the MV Lochmor ferry with the intention of warming up the route and locating larger tonnage as the service grew. We had been bidding on a much bigger ship, the MV Pioneer, and sold the MV Lochmor to deploy those funds towards the MV Pioneers ferry. Sadly the bigger ship got sold by the Scottish Executive to São Tomé.

We mention all this, so our readers can understand why we do what we do. As for the ship we had sitting in the harbour! We sold the MV Lochmor to operators of a ferry service to the Aran Islands off of the west coast of the Republic of Ireland.

A visit to those wee islands is on the bucket-list of three volunteers from Unique Property Bulletin.

Today we spotted the rarest of things for sale: a lighthouse TOWER. It is on the Aran Islands off of the west coast of Ireland. The reason we are delighted to list this lighthouse tower for sale in Ireland is that a very valiant passenger service still operates from next door to our old harbour office. So it is eminently possible to get across to Northern Ireland and Eire via ferry services that you may not realise still exist.

Which is why we are featuring a truly weather worn tower and buildings at : The Old Lighthouse, Inis Mór, Aran Islands, Co. Galway.

The current passenger ferry service from Argyll to Antrim is here: https://kintyreexpress.com

Lighthouse TOWER Price: €550,000 (GBP £469,000). We would do due diligence, then likely offer at £395,000 depending on what the survey + listed buildings people + planners said.

Agent: KMS Galway
Contact: Joe Greaney
Mobile: +353 (0)91 563744
Email: info@kmsgalway.com