This weekend, Saturday and Sunday 16th & 17th March 2024 we are specifically replying to several readers of Unique Property Bulletin, all of whom have asked for a solid, quality affordable building, suitable for conversion to a house, that can be bought WITHOUT a mortgage.

A tall order. But a few hours ago we got the alert for this sale candidate: Thrumster Church, Caithness, KW1 5TX. Guided at just £39,000.

Coincidentally, one of our best Unique Property Syndicate projects (formerly Unique Property plc) has almost the same postcode… KW1 4QT. This is our Noss Head Lighthouse Station HQ. A sublime unique property adventure. Such a substantial syndicate that we shall be narrating a fulsome account as opposed to a daily or weekend short-summary (we will feature Noss Lighthouses in full later this year).

For now, we trust this £39,000 potential home for you is a decent suggestion?

It is “up north” some might complain! Aye right. But the secret is that the far north gifts you almost 24 hour daylight in the summer and the Aurora Borealis in the winter. Please keep that secret between you and us 😉 . Also at £39,000 you may well have enough change left over to buy a winter home in the south of France.

Or better still, if you are flogging off your city gaff and decanting to a unique home in the sticks, then odds-on you will have a hefty wedge of cash above and beyond the £39,000. So how about owning a piece of iconic nostalgia for 6 months? You really are only in this life once.

If you are spending £39,000 buying a home near to 007 author, Ian Fleming’s Skyfall, and you find enough spare cash to buy yourself an Aston Martin DB5, then please consider doing just that? These classic cars tend to keep their value. Be a custodian for 6 months, then sell the car and keep the precious memories that you did do a very mischievous thing. You will never forget it.

The Aston Martin DB5 was designed for Scottish roads. We know as the Unique PropertyBulletin founder lives at the southern end of the A9 and our Noss Head Lighthouse HQ is at the top end. So every time we see this remarkable movie excerpt, it reminds is of the glorious monthly commute:

More than that. Right now, this past few days have been a time for sober reflection at Unique Property Bulletin. Fortunately the docs are on the ball. But mortality forced itself into the thought process to an extent it had never done before. So much so that this next clip landed like a gut-punch:

Further reflection produced profound, dissonant words, enshrined on our 2024 diary. They are spoken here by Ralph Fiennes:

These might be the words you would like when, as it surely must, your your time here is complete?

For now, we would heartily recommend you remove yourself to a new home, where no mortgage is necessary. A place where you can breathe real fresh air and be far away from the madding crowd. The recent pandemic has been Hellish. But it has made remote-working something many folk now embrace. You can work anywhere. Perhaps take another look at Thrumster Church. It would be nice to say hello to you as our new neighbours. Bonne chance mes amis.