Please can someone within the Wikipedia community advise if the Wikipedia organisation has a protocol in place to provide statutory “reasonable adjustments” to ensure that those members of society who have a disability are not barred, nor effectively banned from participating in the Wikipedia community? I reluctantly partook in Wikipedia when incorrect information was posted about one of the community ventures we were assisting between 203 to 2012. As a former law-officer, I prefer public domain information to be accurate. So I corrected (edited) the Wikipedia article (circa 2013). That opened up such unwanted knowledge as Wiki “edit wars.” To preserve sanity, I left matters to those more knowledgeable than myself. Though a few years later, a reference on U.K., television about a World War 2 Spitfire pilot upset me. Why? Because the brave young man did not have any information to study on Wikipedia. I did try to add some relatively neutral content about the Spitfire pilot Peter Ayers to a new Wikipedia page. A debt beyond our ability to repay is owed to Peter. The least we can do is follow the remembrance of 11th November each year and NOT forget. Yet I was shot down in literal flames by edit-warriors. They speedily-deleted the article. Fortunately the good and fair segment of editors at Wikipedia came to the rescue. But now, several years later, when I attempt to correct inaccurate details about a person who helped a charity I and my friend Iain Sim formed in 2012, I was shot down again. It is a source of great hurt that some lowly individuals have published grossly untrue material about our friend Robbie Coltrane (source below). So in order to correct that inflammatory click-bait article, I added FACTS about how Robbie Coltrane HAS helped our charity. Surely the source being the founders of the charity hold some veracity? Nope. Unfortunately, the words I wrote correcting Wikipedia’s page about Robbie Coltrane got deleted. So according to Wikipedia, the MANIFESTLY UNTRUE rumour and hearsay by the former prison inmate Andrew Edmonstone are regarded as true. I quote that disgraceful article; “He (Robbie Coltrane) really does not want to be part of the community at all. As a person, he is about as far from the generous-spirited Harry Potter character Hagrid as you could possibly imagine.” I served as a police officer and KNOW Andrew Edmonstone’s quote is wrong and defamatory. But Wikipedia’s edit-warriors evidently prefer the word of a convicted prisoner than a charity trustee and law-officer (link at the foot of this narrative). The inaccurate libellous information persists. The “facts” and the words the founders of the charity who KNOW and can ATTEST to the work Robbie DID DO for charity gets DELETED from what is supposed to be the fount of all digital knowledge: Wikipedia. As a person with two disabilities (broken spine and stroke) – mentioned to make it clear there is an issue surrounding Wikipedia apparent FAILURE to have “REASONABLE ADJUSTMENTS” in place to help the disabled. Looking back ove the past 11 years as a (reluctantly) registered editor with Wikipedia, I would simply ask: PLEASE can someone in the Wikipedia community help me? I do not have a Ph.D doctorate in Wikipeadian! I am a mere mortal who wishes to correct the quality of Wikipedia accuracy by updating Robbie Coltrane’s page to include the charitable patronage he gave to our charity and the funds he DID raise. In other words, counter the disgraceful clickbait of this excremental detritus: . Robbie was NOT a “sad recluse.” As a renowned actor, Robbie had done his job and done it well. But he sought privacy. It is public domain that Robbie was in a lot of pain. He preferred to deal with that pain in private. But he was a dedicated fundraiser for charity and a thoroughly outgoing, decent human being. Is this factual public domain video the sign of a “sad recluse?” NO. – Robbie was absent that night due to excruciating pain. Yet he still had the time and decency to make a video as well as raising over £100,000 for the charity. It is my HOPE that one of Wikipedia’s kinder and philanthropic editors will help me format what I am trying to edit onto Robbie Cotrane’s page in a way that passes the labyrinthine processes that are within the DNA of what should be a website of knowledge where even people with disabilities can contribute? Kindest regards and many thanks, Russ McLean. Russ McLean (talk) 19:02, 26 March 2024 (UTC)

Please advise who deleted the charitable works of Robbie Coltrane? I do not have a Ph.D. in Wikipedia. But I do recognise the failure of “editors” to assist contributors who are disabled. Whoever arbitrarily deleted verifiable facts is bringing the organisation of Wikipedia into disrepute. The time is fast approaching where Wikipedia either adheres to the U.K. Equality Act 2010, or starts to have manifestly inaccurate pages removed by request of the rights being trampled on by the edit warriors.

Wikipedia Foundation U.K. Board: here

Alleged breach of governing document (no/insufficient access/assistance for people with disabilities). Here


Moral fundraising dishonesty:here

OSCR Charity Registration: here

WikimediaUK in Scotland Charity Registration: here

WikimediaUK 26 March 2024. Tel at 16,45pm (11 min duration then Wiki-bloke terminated the call) o2033 720760 (from Charity Commission) sounds like the guy was in his kitchen and hesitant to acknowledge he was answering Wiki-anything!

very unhelpful. Advise WikimediaUK “HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH WIKIPEDIA.”

I explained I had had a stroke and needed some guidance. None of any merit was obtained. Not even a phone number for the “Other” completely separate Wikipedia… “which you can find online.”

This person had a very strong accent, difficult to understand. His name was unintelligible. He was reasonably polite but very much clock watching and wanted to end the call and be rid of me. Had no empathy and no understanding of people with disabilities.

WikimediaUK appears to be a registered charity that DOES have direct connections to Wikipedia (here).

WikimediaUK Strategy: here

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