Today 14th April 2023 we have now completed our 2024 Unique Property Bulletin “Mischief Building”  purchase and it is a cracker. We are keen to introduce you to  it in the next week or two. Though we had forgotten about the nightmare stresses of UK property conveyancing Hence being AWOL for a couple of weeks (that and chicken pox in one of our directors sprachle of weans). Our volunteer crew here are gently getting back into regular listings of unusual home candidates  for you to consider. We are changing this to one unique property uploaded every 48 hours as the 24 hour cycle is causing an overload. Add to that, the new “mischief” project on the go too (our aim is to closely feature actual projects). Our  “to do” list full to the brim.

Why add a “mischief” project some folk may ask?

It is better we fall flat on our face than you do. Over the past four decades one thing is for sure: there is little else better to impress lessons needing to be learnt than from actual, on-the-job skillets with real buildings. But PLEASE do YOUR due diligence before spending £500,000 on a magnificent castle ruin.  Besides, it is impossible to tap away at this keyboard with all these tasty morsels and not buy the occasional unique building. The old sweet-shop-syndrome. Sell confectionary all day and it is difficult not to buy the occasional Bar of Mars. Also, with the new relaunch on social media, it is still a bit hit-or-mis on what frequency of upload and what style/price/location of unusual buildings that our readers prefer.

Today we are Digging For A Deal: The Old Quarry Office, Fore Street, Newlyn, Penzance, Cornwall, TR18 5JT., has interesting sEa-views and is a handsome chunk of building set on its own land. The last quarry we came close to was when buying the lighthouse station on Ailsa Craig. We ended up selling that as access across 18 miles of water was a challenge and landing, even in calm weather is a nightmare as a 6 to 8 foot swell runs at the island even on a calm day. Though the granite “polo mint” rocks at the quarry were fascinating. ailsa Craig island is where the majority of quarry stones are harvested (in their raw state). If you have an interest in buying the lighthouse station on Ailsa Craig, please let us know? When we sold it, 23 years ago, the buildings were habitable. Now they are derelict and we have an atonement to complete. Hence we at e curious about buying the place back, just text our number:

Anyways, back to the quarry at Cornwall: the auction guide price is £230,000.

VERY IMPORTANT: Our own due diligence unearthed a “Pre-Application” to the Planning Department: PA21/02847/PREAPP. It wouldn’t let us access it and this building a]has NO Planning Permission. This is a small alarm bell. It means the LEAST you should do is your own “Pre-App”. Some sellers hold to the view that it is best to let the eventual long term owner chiose the sort of conversion they are seeking… so no point in submitting one style of p,an ing permission request. Other times, there is, for various reasons, a ban on residential use. Please remember “Caveat Emptor”… Buyer beware. Well worth a few hours pursuin a PreApp than repent at cost.

Sale details and auction phone number: and here:

Bon chanc mon Amis. Good luck in becoming a a Quarryman or Quarry woman. If it was good enough for Paul McCartney, then you may just be the new, Cornish flavour of Beatles musicians.

For hardcore readers of Unique Property Bulletin, here is an interesting article. If you research some of the content, you will discover just how awesomely deep your pockets need to be to restore a castle (so a quarry office is likely to be much easier, but PLEASE check that PRE-APP number).

Jeremy Irons will lead the next article: