Keeper’s Cabin – EPC

This page ( includes the full and formal EPC Report for Keeper’s Cabin at Noss Head Lighthouse Station, Wick, Caithness, KW1 4QT. The building was first assessed on 29th August 2023 and the EPC Report published on 31st August 2023.

^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^

^^ Located At The Left Hand of This Photograph ^^

The building was exempt from an EPC Report during the renovation stage.

However, to assist in the sale/purchase effort, and for the sake of good form, an EPC Report has been commissioned by the owner of Keeper’s Cabin and this is presented below.

It is IMPORTANT to note that this renovation occurred AFTER the owner was injured and sustained a stroke (at another of our project sites on the Island of Arran). The company director’s subsequent disability stalled the final “snagging” endeavours at Keeper’s Cabin from being completed. Although, as a result of earlier work and ecological insulation + eco-energy generation already under way, Keeper’s Cabin was on target for a “B” rating (very high) with an “A” rating (rare and the best) being technically possible. Unfortunately, due to this injury, and current inability to instantly prove the final “snagging” work (via documentary and photographic evidence), Keeper’s Cabin has temporarily been assessed as an “F” EPC Band.

Even at this, the “F” would have been a better “E” had the renovation been progressed AFTER the pandemic had settled down.

However, the owner’s were asked for urgent use of Keeper’s Cabin by the undernoted narrated/documented local doctors and hospital A&E consultants. This use of Keeper’s Cabin was as a safe-sanctuary by (fit) doctors. It was agreed to by the owners to avoid risking 5,000 NHS patients in Wick, Thurso and Caithness from having their health and safety compromised by potentially losing two doctors to short or long-term Covid (proofs added after this EPC Report).

The urgent work to ensure Keeper’s Cabin could be made available ~ was completed. This accommodation of last-resort was just as well.

Dr Makin got in touch…

But the problem we now have, is locating the photographic evidence and remedying the tail-end (relatively minimal) short-term solutions that were deployed urgently to help open Keeper’s Cabin during the pandemic. For example the “plug in” heaters being temporarily used whilst the building was deployed as a safe sanctuary for the aforementioned doctors during the Covid Pandemic (evidence at the foot of this page).

Fortunately, as of 5th October 2023 (after the first EPC Report) the documentary and photographic proof evidencing the ceiling (roof) insulation work being undertaken and completed has been located and is now available.

Very Important

Proof For EPC Upgrade From “F” To “C”

On 5th October 2023, our local project manager, Russ McLean managed to find some of the important audit-trail photographs that should prove to the EPC Surveyor (for the next Keeper’s Cabin EPC report), that certain items currently marked as “assumedNOT to have been undertaken (as per guideline governing EPC assessment), have actually been undertaken and completed.

This short series of photographs added to this page on 5th October 2023, along with eye-witness corroboration should provide the comforts needed to uprate the EPC certification from an “F” to an “E”. When the other relatively minor items such as “plug-in” radiators being permanently wired and LED bulbs etc., being installed, then the desirable “C” rating on the EPC chart is within sight.

Work is also being conducted elsewhere within our group of companies for micro-energy generation in ecological terms (hydro + wind + sea). This will be made available to all building owners at Noss Head and should help increase the EPC rating. In terms of Keeper’s Cabin we were striving for a “B” rating at EPC.

^^ Photograph of Keeper’s Cabin Ceiling Insulation Frame ^^

^^ Being Infilled With Celotex Thermal Insulation ^^

^^ This Shows The Lounge AND The Bedroom ^^

^^ Ceiling Insulation Being Installed ^^

^^ This Is A Wrong EPC Assesssment ^^

29 August 2023 “Assumed” As No Insulation In The Ceiling Cavity.

These Photographs AND Eye-Witness Corroboration PROVE Otherwise.

When The New EPC Assessment is Made.

This Information Should Remedy The Incorrect Assessment.

^^ Photograph of Keeper’s Cabin Ceiling Insulation Frame ^^

^^ Suspended Frame Is For Insulation In The Bedroom ^^

^^ Photograph of Keeper’s Cabin Ceiling Insulation Frame ^^

^^ Suspended Frame Is For Insulation In The Lounge ^^

^^ Photograph of Keeper’s Cabin Gable-End/Old Doorway ^^

^^ Now The New WC: Infilled With Window. Proof of Insulation ^^

^^ Photograph of Keeper’s Cabin Ceiling Insulation Frame ^^

^^ Suspended Frame Is For Insulation In The Shower & WC Rooms ^^

^^ Photograph From PRINCIPAL KEEPER’S Side of The Building ^^

^^ The Old Interior Doorway INSULATION TO KEEPER’S CABIN ^^

^^ Insulated on Both Sides ^^

First of TWO sets of DOUBLE

Fire Retardant Pink Plasterboard on Each Side

The final finish looks like this (wall cupboards have been added)…

^^ Temporary Kitchenette For Emergency Use By Doctor ^^

A wider perspective shows the other rooms with the first he final finish looks like this…

^^ Temporary Kitchenette For Emergency Use By Doctor ^^

^^ Secondary Plasterboard To Be Installed ^^

This video will remind readers of this Keeper’s Cabin EPC page what the property looks like NOW that it has been completed…

^^ Video of Keeper’s Cabin ^^

Showing What This Dwelling Looks Like Now That It Has Been Completed

^^ Keeper’s Cabin: Completed Lounge ^^

These photographs have been added to this page so that the new owner has the requisite documentary proof to show that the ceiling space HASS had a suspended ceiling installed throughout FR the purpose of INSTALING high-specification CEILING INSULATION. The current EPC Report (29th August 2023) is incorrect in the current assessment (it has given a wrong 1 star (“very poor”) rather than what it factually is: 4 to 5 stars (“good” to “very good”).

^^ Keeper’s Cabin: Photographic Evidence ^^

During Suspended Ceiling Insulation Installation: Bedroom

Temporary Snagging & Urgent Work

During The Pandemic To Protect GP Health

& Thereby The Ability To Cover 2,500 Local Patients

Unfortunately, between the owner being injured and requiring rehabilitation efforts and the urgent requirement to install some form of heating for the building and the water supply, this was from an expedited “temporary” installation, this has meant the EPC rating is at “F” where we have bee advised it t can be at “A” and will likely be at C and better easily, if simple measures such as LED lighting +”fixed- wired” radiators + more ecological forms of water heating are installed as was the original plan had the owner not been injured and then the local doctor not asked to urgently use our accommodation during the pandemic.

Now we return to the (incorrect and wrong/low banded) EPC Report of 29th August 2023….

Keeper’s Cabin ~ The First

EPC Report, Dated 29th August 2023

The EPC Report Assessor has been very fair, prompt, courteous and professional. Unfortunately the EPC legislation has been subject to extensive debate. For example: the “assumed” caveat that is placed when Non-Destructive-Testing could remedy materially important results. For “roof” above” there is an abysmal:- “1 star” which equates to “very poor”. This is questioned by the owner and the local architect has contra-indicating plans and instructions that should render this finding as “4 stars” = good or “5 stars” = very good. This problem is what erodes an “A” grading to an “F” EPC assessment. Neither scientific, nor accurate and possibly ultra vires in terms of EPC legislation…

Keeper’s Cabin

Architect Drawings Showing Insulation on Walls & Ceiling

^^ Architect’s Drawing ^^

For example, the owner gave explicit instructions (remotely due to a stroke (evidenced below) during lockdown, that the Keeper’s Cabin building must have high-specification “Ecotherm/Celotex” insulation on the external facing walls and RWA insulation on internal walls and suspended ceiling void insulation. This was also specified by our local architect. Clearly evidenced by photographs thus…

^^ Keeper’s Cabin: Actual Insulation Proof ^^

Externals: Ecotherm or Celotex Insulation

The Official EPC Registry Portal

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Evidence of TBI

Evidence of Emergency Request By A&E Consultant

To Use Keeper’s Cabin As Safe Refuge During The Pandemic

A locum GP was resident in the A&E doctor’s main house (Stevenson Cottage at Noss Head Lighthouse Station) and she had started coughing (following duty during the pandemic). The A&E doctor could not come home and asked a favour: that he be allowed to reside temporarily in Keeper’s Cabin. We assented of course. However, urgent works were required and these tail-end matters (plug in heaters) were not as per the final specification. There is a formula for assessing “fixed-wired” radiators according to cubic metres of space and whether of not the building is well insulated. Ours is as it has full double-glazing and high-specification insulation.

Off-Road Parking

Paid for by the Seller.

Will require a little landscaping by the buyer to look 100% ready

Given there may be some “snagging” and redecoration work that the new owners would wish to complete and given the challenging circumstances that the owners have had to finish at Keeper’s Cabin and their Noss Head Lighthouse Station project, the “off-road” parking has been installed at a cost between £2,500 and £3,000. This has been paid for by Noss Head Lighthouse Station Ltd. This is an honourarium to assuage any of the relatively minor hiccups that may be required to progress Keeper’s Cabin to being ready for use by the new owners. This enables direct access to the front door from motor vehicles onsite.

The current owners had intended landscaping this area with borders and planters. But the new owners will have their own tastes. So the current owners are arranging to pay for the specialist Northern Lighthouse paint an application thereof to be completed so that the external elevations of Keeper’s Cabin look (and last) as they would normally hope for…

^^ Off Road Parking Outlined In Orange

Off Road Parking Outlined Paid For By Seller

Keeper’s Cabin ~ Off Road Parking

Keeper’s Cabin ~ Off Road Parking

Keeper’s Cabin

Remote Video Viewing of The Interior

Any questions, please contact the owner direct: 01241 852127.